Family Fun in Pomona: Weekend Activities for Kids

Welcome to the center of fun for families in Pomona! We’re thrilled to invite you to a weekend full of joy. The Pet Show on June 29-30, 2024, is something you can’t miss. It’s a special event in Pomona, California, perfect for animal lovers and families.

Picture a place filled with the sounds of kids laughing and seeing cool animals like fluffy bunnies and majestic horses. Get your tickets for the Pet Show and watch your kids smile brightly. Tickets are $20 for adults and $16 for kids under 12. And little ones aged 2 and under get in free!

Be ready for an amazing weekend that your family will always remember. It’s a chance to make heartwarming memories. We can’t wait to see you for a weekend full of happiness and fun!

Key Takeaways

  • Reserve your all-access weekend pass for an unforgettable family experience.
  • Embrace the joy of interactive and educational pet encounters.
  • Enjoy special pricing designed with family savings in mind — $20 for adults and $16 for children.
  • Welcoming atmosphere suitable for kids of all ages, including free entry for toddlers.
  • A prime example of weekend fun for families in Pomona, rooted in love for animals and community connection.
  • Relish in the bliss of kid-friendly events near me, fostering family bonds and creating lifetime memories.

Discover the Thrills at John’s Incredible Pizza Company

John’s Incredible Pizza Company is a top spot for fun places for kids in Pomona. When you walk in, you’re greeted by the smell of pizza and sounds of happiness. It’s the perfect place for families looking for great children’s activities Pomona CA.

Indulge in the Buffet and Explore Fun World

The all-you-can-eat buffet offers pizzas, pasta, salads, and desserts that please everyone. After eating, head over to Fun World. This large play area is a key part of Pomona kids attractions.

Here, bright lights and fun adventures await every child.

Family Bonding with Games and Rides

Families grow closer through laughter and games at the arcade. From competing in skee-ball to riding the carousel, these activities strengthen bonds. John’s Incredible Pizza Company is known for fun places for kids in Pomona. These happy moments are what make it a top choice for children’s activities Pomona CA.

Stimulate Young Minds at Rolling Robots Camp

Our search for fun children’s activities Pomona CA leads us to Rolling Robots Camp. It’s where creativity in tech meets hands-on learning. This place stands out as one of the top things to do with kids in Pomona today. It changes the game for weekend fun in Pomona with its mix of play and innovation.

Learn Programming with Favorite Games like Minecraft and Roblox

At Rolling Robots, Minecraft and Roblox are more than games. They help kids explore the world of programming with excitement. They boost problem-solving skills while keeping the fun alive. These games make the camps a perfect mix of education and play, marking them as a top pick for weekend activities in Pomona.

Interactive STEM Activities for Aspiring Inventors

Rolling Robots Camp is an educational haven for young, inventive minds. Kids engage in STEM tasks, working with real robots. This place nurtures future inventors and innovators, making it a unique spot for children’s activities Pomona CA.

Looking for meaningful things to do with kids in Pomona today? Rolling Robots Camp is unforgettable. It’s both an investment in their future and a journey of creation and wonder. This camp is the highlight of weekend activities in Pomona.

‘Cars’ and More at the Ultimate Automotive Experience

Exploring Pomona kids attractions leads us to a thrilling automotive adventure. This spot is perfect for car lovers and those looking for fun family-friendly activities in Pomona. With interactive displays, everyone from kids to adults will find something exciting.

Ultimate Automotive Experience

In our city, cars become a way to connect and discover new things. This makes it a top Pomona kids attraction. There are racing simulators for an adrenaline rush and workshops where you can learn about cars. It’s a blend of entertainment and education.

From vintage beauties to the latest in auto tech, this event shows off Pomona’s skill in offering great family-friendly activities. It goes beyond cars. It’s about creating unforgettable family memories.

Fostering Athletic Skills at Local Coaching Sessions

Weekends in Pomona are full of fun, especially for families that love sports. Local kids sports coaching sessions are perfect for them. These aren’t just regular exercises. They’re a mix of family-friendly coaching and enjoyment. They suit many ages and abilities.

Weekend activities in Pomona bring people together, thanks to coaches like Allie and Vanessa. They’re all about helping youth athletes excel. They use sports to teach important life skills. Under their care, kids learn by doing and celebrate every step they take in sports.

“We’re proud to see our young athletes develop. Our sessions boost kids’ confidence to do well in sports and life,” Vanessa says. This shows how the whole team feels.

The setup of the coaching sessions ensures each kid gets noticed. It’s about keeping them safe while they improve their skills. Activities like ball games and races make every meet-up exciting. These events are the peak of the weekend.

Come be part of this active community project. It’s about encouraging a fit lifestyle and strong friendships among kids. See the amazing impact of sports. It creates lasting bonds and memories in Pomona.

Exceptional Children’s Entertainment Now in LA

Los Angeles shines with its entertainment scene, especially for kids in Pomona. The city is now a top spot for exceptional children’s parties. These events are inspired by the UK’s popular children’s entertainment. Planning your weekend? Get ready for magical moments that will make any child’s party unforgettable.

UK’s Best Children’s Party Experiences

Picture your kids’ joy in a place full of wonder and creativity. These parties are famous for their incredible attention to every little detail. It’s a festive, vibrant celebration that’s different from any other.

Celebrate a Memorable Birthday

Pomona is sunny and filled with smiles, perfect for celebrating big moments in a kid’s life. We bring special magic for birthdays, mixing fun and educational activities with entertainment. Looking for things to do in Pomona with the kids this weekend? Consider creating lasting memories at your child’s next birthday party.

Grab your tickets now for our upcoming Pet Show on June 29-30, 2024, in Pomona, California. All Access Weekend Pass: $20 Adults – $16 Kids (12 & Under) – 2 & Under Free. We look forward to seeing you for an amazing weekend of fun!

Family Night Out at the Local Community Center

Looking for fun with your family in Pomona? Our local community center is the place to be. Known as a hub of happiness, it showcases the Pomona community spirit. It’s where the city’s heart beats the loudest.

Regulars’ Insight on Pomona’s Best-Kept Secrets

Our community center is excited to share activities that both kids and parents in Pomona love. You might find a surprise puppet theater or an interactive science booth. These are Pomona’s hidden gems for fun together.

Events and Activities for All Ages

Get ready! Our center is full of creative and fun events for everyone. We welcome toddlers, teens, and adults. The events offer not just fun but also a chance to bond with the community.

Don’t miss our Pet Show on June 29-30, 2024. It’s in Pomona’s heart. Tickets are $20 for adults and $16 for kids 12 and under. Toddlers 2 and under get in free. This weekend is your chance to join in on the fun and make lasting memories!

Playful Designs: Creative Crafting for Kiddos

In Pomona, family-friendly activities shine bright at Playful Designs. This special place invites children to dive into their imaginations. They don’t just craft here; they live out adventures that grow their young minds through happy creation and play.

Magic Potion & Mud Kitchen Parties

Picture a spot in Pomona where kids craft color-rich potions and make mud pies. Magic Potion & Mud Kitchen parties offer this exact fun mix. Kids love the mess-making and learning. They mix, pour, and decorate, gaining new skills as they play.

Unique Sensory Activities for Hands-on Fun

Playful Designs changes the game with engaging, sensory activities. Kids get to touch and feel different textures and materials. This direct exploration is key to sensory development. It’s fun and educational, helping them learn in an interactive way.

Explore the Colorful World of Lucky Art Crayonology

Every weekend, Pomona shines a little brighter with Lucky Art Crayonology. It’s a place made for families who love fun. Here, colors dance and kids’ imaginations run free. Laughs and crayon strokes mix, creating wonderful stories.

A Spectrum of Fun for All Ages

Looking for fun in Pomona with your kids? Lucky Art Crayonology is your spot. Bright, safe crayons and blank canvases await. They’re ready to turn into joyful masterpieces of youth.

Imagine a purple giraffe under a bright sky, or stick figures by colorful rivers. That’s what waits at our inviting place. Beyond crayons, we have games and workshops for all. It’s all set to make your weekend vibrant.

Crafts that Capture Children’s Imaginations

At Lucky Art Crayonology, we celebrate each child’s unique creativity. Our crafts do more than entertain. They boost thinking and problem-solving skills. Making art with us means gaining skills and memories to cherish.

Come see how your kids explore a world of colors and dreams. With us, your weekend will be full of joy and creativity. Every child should have a chance to paint their dreams. Join us for a weekend to remember!

Interact with Nature at San Dimas Canyon Nature Center

As we explore Pomona’s nature, we find the San Dimas Canyon Nature Center. It blends outdoor children’s activities Pomona CA with nature exploration for kids. The trails show off the local plants and animals. This place is perfect for learning by doing and really connecting with nature.

Children enjoying nature exploration in Pomona CA

The center’s programs uncover secrets of wildlife and nature. They fill kids with wonder through various activities. These help children feel close to nature and appreciate it for life.

Under big trees, families can learn and have fun together. Places like this show us life beyond screens. They remind us of our deep ties to the natural world around us.

There is something truly special about watching children inquisitively explore and interact with the elements of nature. San Dimas Canyon gives our kids that rare, undistracted enclave to develop a deep-seated respect and love for the outdoors.

Every hike and visit brings kids closer to nature. It’s fun and meaningful. We’re helping our children and the Earth by teaching them to love and understand nature.

Things to do in Pomona with the Kids this Weekend

We’re always searching for Pomona kids attractions that are fun and teach something. This weekend, we’ve found an exceptional event in Pomona, CA. It’s perfect for spending quality time together and making unforgettable memories.

Upcoming Pet Show: A Must-See Weekend Event

This June, bring the kids to Pomona’s anticipated Pet Show. It’s a fun event for the whole family, showcasing many cute animals. But it’s more than just looking; it’s about learning empathy and how to care for pets.

All Access Weekend Pass for Family Savings

Looking for weekend deals in Pomona that are both fun and affordable? We found a great one. The All Access Weekend Pass offers entertainment and savings. It’s affordable for adults and kids, with free admission for toddlers. Don’t miss this weekend’s big event.

Join us for a fun journey through Pomona, CA’s best children’s activities, featuring our animal friends. Get your passes now for a weekend full of happiness and learning!


Pomona is full of life and offers many activities for families during the weekend. We’ve found adventures that make learning fun. They also let families enjoy time together. It’s perfect for those who love science or nature. There are lots of places to explore in our city.

Local events promise fun for people of all ages. The Pet Show is a big hit and it’s affordable for families. Adults pay $20, and kids 12 and under pay $16. The smallest ones enter for free. We can’t wait to see families enjoying these events together.

We suggest you check out these fun options in Pomona with your kids. Our goal is for you to enjoy Pomona’s offerings. Take your kids, find some time, and get ready for a weekend full of happiness and memories. We’re excited to see your family enjoy the warm Pomona air.

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